Dr. Film Fix Title Film not getting done? Are you behind schedule? Over budget?
Is sending your hard work all over town for completion breaking the bank, your schedule, and your peace of mind?
Do what producers, directors, investors, and independent film makers have done for the last 6 years: Call Dr. Film Fix.

Making a film is an exciting challenge but never easy. That's where I come in.
My name is Russ Emanuel, a fellow filmmaker - IMDb Link.
I've worked on various films in a variety of capacities, giving me understanding of the post-production process inside and out.
I can take existing edits and material and make it even better, closer to the look and sound you imagined.
Review what I have done below and if you are interested, let's talk.

Below are my selected credits which include official trailers for independent feature films and short films starring actors such as
John Heard, Robert Picardo, William Devane, Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst, Vincent Pastore, and Theresa Russell.

I can also help you with:
- Projects such as editing a web series.
- Music: I was the music supervisor for all credits listed below and can recommend great composers to fill in your music needs.
- Film Festivals : My film Girl with Gun has been shown in over 40 festivals. I can act as consultant for publicity and promotions for
film festival submissions so you can get your work out there!

So, click on each link to see what I can do!

NOTE: All trailer files are on YouTube. All other files are Quicktime .MOV files
which may take from a few seconds up to a few minutes to load depending on your internet speed.


THE LEGENDS OF NETHIAH (2012) - Official Trailer - Wire Removal VFX
CHASING THE GREEN (2009) - Official Trailer
P.J. (2008) - Official Trailer


CULT 11 (2010) - Official Series Trailer - Editing - Visual Effects - Sound Design


PERFECT RED (2007) - Official Trailer
MAVET (2005) - Official Trailer

If you like what you see, let's work together. Contact me at russ@russem.com and let's get started! Reference available upon request.

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